Common questions asked by past participants and hosts

Two events are held each year. The first is on the first or second Saturday of May, and the second is always on the last Saturday of October.

A list of host facilities will be available here and on the registration site once participant registration opens for each event. If you are active duty military, you also have the option of submitting videos.

You can travel, suggest a nearby facility become host, or become a host yourself (details coming soon).

Order one (or a couple) from our shop. They will be drop-shipped directly to the address you specify during checkout.

You’ll receive a score of zero for that event.

We understand that most people don’t like to post scores of zero. However, this can be an amazing way to track your progress as time passes. Particularly regarding the pull-up, you will always remember the event when your score becomes something greater than zero!

There used to be. However, we found that some individuals who qualified to participate in that division participated in one of the other divisions instead based on their capabilities and the event/weight requirements of the other division.

So, we simplified the process by creating an age filter that can be applied to the leaderboards in any division. This way you are able to enter the division that matches your abilities while being able to compare your scores to all participants in that division and those within just your age group.

See the answer to the question immediately above about a master’s division!

You do not need to hold a current StrongFirst certification to host a TSC. However, you will need to pass a brief test demonstrating your knowledge of the event rules in order to judge the event.

We are still closely associated with StrongFirst and do recommend attending one (or many) of their certifications. Accordingly, the judging test will be highly abbreviated for individuals who are certified through StrongFirst (since we expect that you are intimately familiar with the material).

Unless you work out an arrangement with your local TSC host to participate before the date of the event (which you shouldn’t necessarily count on being possible), you do have to participate on the specified date.

In any case, your scores will not be displayed until after the event.

Yes, you may log in to the website (our leaderboard provider) to update your registration.

Ask your coach or local TSC host to help you decide which division is best suited for your current capabilities. You can review the specific events and weights used in each division on the rules page.