What Are You Training For?

The old saying goes, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.” Training is no different. If you lack a specific goal, the time you spend training may easily become a collection of random acts.

The StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge is a goal worthy of your efforts.

Preparing for a max deadlift, a maximum number of pullups and maximum repetitions of a kettlebell snatch places a demand and requires your focus on all three types of strength training; maximal strength, bodyweight strength and cardio-vascular endurance.

The rules are simple, the training is hard, but the opportunity to say you faced the Tactical Strength Challenge and survived makes it all worthwhile.

Tactical Strength Blog

5.11 Puts "Tactical" in the TSC
Posted Mar 31, 2014 by Mark Toomey

Face the Tactical Strength Challenge and win!

Courtesy of StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge sponsor 5.11 Tactical:

The overall winners of each TSC class (Elite, Open or Novice, Men’s and Women’s) will receive:

First Place- 5.11 RECON Trainer, 5.11 RECON Outbound Gym Bag and a 5.11 RECON H2O Bottle (estimated $215 value)

Second Place- 5.11 RECON Trainer (estimated $110.00 value)

Third Place- 5.11 RECON Outbound Gym Bag (estimated $85 value)

All TS...

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Posted Jan 28, 2014 by James Sjostrom

Something's I can control and some things I can't.  In a perfect world all systems would be available and we would be ready to go. Some of you can clearly see this isn't the case.. 

We are continuously working to build a better and more active community within StrongFirst.  While we are building we appreciate your patience.  

If you have registered your facility, two things are supposed to happen that aren't happening.  First, you should end up on the site map.  Second you should r...

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Powerlifting and the TSC
Posted Jan 20, 2014 by Danny Sawaya

    I participated in my first Tactical Strength Challenge in September 2009.  Little did I know the TSC was going to have the impact on me that it did. I hadn't deadlifted since 1994 and didn't think that I would due to old injuries.  I heard about the TSC through a friend, and for some reason I committed to training for it. I began a deadlift program and it put a bar back in my hands. I started with a simple grease the groove program with light weights to just get used to the deadlift again. I sh...

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